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Every single program or service delivered online should be viewed with a high level of skepticism. There is no single way to figure out the legitimate offers from the scams, but one rule of thumb that almost certainly should be followed is that the wilder the claims being made, the more likely you are to be duped out of your money. If you are here reading his, then the chances are you have been scammed at least once in the past. It may have been the promise of big money, or perhaps the pictures of hot cars and luxury yachts that sucked you in. Whatever it was, don’t feel bad, many people have been duped in the same way.

One program that is making the rounds right now is Boost My Online Biz (BMOB), and it claims to be able to deliver leads that will help take your online business to the next level. It does not claim that you can make a fortune by sitting back and doing nothing, though, which is already one thing that goes in its favor. If you are here because you are interested in buying into BMOB, the I salute you, as it shows that you are serious about making sure that you won’t get scammed. Let’s take a little closer look at BMOB to see if you will be making a sound investment.

What is Boost My Online Biz?

BMOB is the brainchild of Morgan Hale, a marketing pro who became disillusioned with corporate life after being unceremoniously booted from her job. While her career may have taken a knock at that point, her marketing profession most certainly did not. Whilst working in a grocery store in New York, a job she needed in order to pay the bills, Morgan came up with the idea of a co-op style of marketing that could be cost effective whilst still delivering huge results. She was surprised at just how good those results could be when she started testing the online waters. She knew she was onto something, so she created Boost My Online Biz so that she could build a network of online marketers that would increase her ad buying power, and in turn deliver an unending supply of hot leads.

How does Boost My Online Biz work?

Once you have signed up, you will have access to you back office, where you will find 80 leads that have been culled from a variety of different sources. As mentioned earlier, the co-op approach to marketing means that leads are picked up from safelists, YouTube, Google, traffic exchanges, and more. The one thing that these leads all have in common is that they used an opt-in email set up to show that they were interested in what was on offer. When a consumer takes the time to opt-in and share their information, it shows that they already have an eye on spending some money for the right offer. What you do with those leads at that point is up to you, but just know that you will continue to get 80 leads per day for as long as you are a member of BMOB.

So, what are your options, for your leads? Let’s take a look:

  • Copy and paste your leads into the provided mailer – The BMOB program comes with a mailer built in, which means you need only copy and paste your contacts into the mailer, create your message, and hit send.
  • Export your leads into your own third-party mailer – it may already be that you have an autoresponder all set up and ready to go. If that is the case, all you need to do is export your leads into your own set-up and hit send when you are ready.

While the latter of those two options may seem like the best, it’s worth noting that the BMOB system comes with a couple of features that make it very tempting indeed. The most important of those features is one called Perfect Timing. Unless you really take the time to break down the data from every message you send out, you really won’t know at which time of day your ads are most effective. The BMOB mailer takes note of all that data, and then figures out the best time to send out your messages so that your lead will be more responsive. All you need to do is apply the Perfect Timing feature, fill out your email as you normally would, hit send, and then allow the software to take care of the rest. It’s a genius feature that really separate BMOB from its competitors.

Are there any extras that come with BMOB?

This is a great question, and one that comes with a very positive response. There are indeed a number of extras included in your monthly membership, and they are all excellent:

  1. Email sales templates – You are provided with 5 great email templates that were put together by marketing pros, and which are sure to help boost your conversion rates. You can edit these to suit your own specific message, or simply leave them as is.
  2. Graphics pack – You can really spice up your emails with some well-placed graphics, and the pack provided gives you all you need to do so.
  3. Double your daily leads – Refer one person to BMOB using your unique referral link and you will see your daily leads double from 80 to 160. Just imagine how many more sales you can make with that many people viewing your messages.


Pricing and Conclusionit works

The cost of membership at BMOB is just $39.95 monthly, which really is a small price to pay for such a great program. This is one that I would definitely NOT list as a scam, because it delivers exactly what is says it will. There will be some people who will cry scam, but those may well be the ones who believed that doing nothing but sending an affiliate link to the leads was all that was required to be successful. All the tools you need to succeed are provided by BMOB, but you still need to put in a little effort in order to reap the full benefits.


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