Organic Prospects is Huge Right Now – But Does it Live up to the Hype?

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The internet is littered with systems and programs designed to help your business, yet very few actually deliver on what they promise. I have been burned on more than one occasion, and have lost thousands of dollars in the process. Over the years, I have found one or two that actually deliver the goods, and I am constantly on the lookout for others that might well prove to be just as effective. It is my losses in the past that help make me the perfect person to review any new program. I go into everything with a healthy dose of skepticism, and will not declare any program a viable option until it has been proven to me that it actually does what it says it will do.

The first thing I do is look at the sales pages of these programs, as there are usually some major red flags to be found there. The ones that promise countless wealth by doing nothing are the ones that immediately go in my virtual trash can. Programs have to pass the smell test first, and if they can do that, I will give them a much closer look. That is what I did with Organic Prospects, which was introduced to me by someone on an affiliate marketing forum, whom I trust implicitly. I have had no reason to question anything this person has told me in the past, as his information was reliable. That said, Organic Prospects was not about to bypass my stringent testing methods on the say so of just one person.

The first thing I did, before I even went to the website, was to look for other reviews and comments about Organic Prospects. I am not going to tell you that they were all 100% in the positive, but the vast majority had kind things to say about the program. This is where I have to issue a little word of warning to all of you. If you are looking for a program that is nothing but glowing reviews, you are not going to find it. There are some folks who simply didn’t get what they had hoped for out of the program, while others will write a scathing review, simply because they are promoting a different program that does something similar. View positive and negative reviews with an open mind and a bit of skepticism, and just look for which side get the majority vote.

Once I had decided that this program may well be worth taking a look at, I went to the main website to see what was on offer there. The site is very well laid out, and delivers the benefits of the program in a way that is clear and very easy to understand. There were a number of great testimonials on there, complete with the links to the site of the person leaving the comments. This made their feedback easy to verify, which is always positive in my book. I also liked that there were no wild claims of potential earnings anywhere to be found. There were also no pictures of fast cars, mansions, and hot women in scantily clad bikinis, which is often the sales pitched used by unscrupulous programs. It was just the facts about the program, and a little bit about the owners of the site, which to me, is also another positive sign.


After a look around, I decided to sign up, but let me take a moment to tell you about the factors that led to me getting my credit card out and becoming a member:

Cost – While I was not necessarily a big fan of the one-time processing fee, I felt that it was a relatively small price to pay for a program that only cost $29.95 per month. I have seen, and been part of, similar lead generation programs that cost two and three times as much as what Organic Prospects was charging.

Lead Generation Process – Each member gets 70 fresh, unique leads per day, but it is how OP finds those leads that I found to be particularly great. I have been using social media sites to find leads for as long as I can remember, so I was impressed to learn that Organic Prospects scours 15 different social media sites to find their leads. They then use a 4-step process to discover people who have a genuine interest in what you are offering. The tire kickers are sent to the scrap heap if their ranking number is less than 75%. I know how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to deal with window shoppers, so this process really jumped out.

Organic Mailer – I loved the idea of getting 70 fresh leads, complete with all sorts of valuable information, on a daily basis, but I was not thrilled with the idea of having to copy that info over to a third-party autoresponder or mailing list. It turns out that there is no need to do any of that, as OP provides its members with an in-house Organic mailer that does the job in a heartbeat. All you need to do is get your list, add them to the mailer, compose your message, and then send it off. This struck me as a fantastic way to save time that could best be served focusing on other parts of my business.

Affiliate Program – I tend not to be too interested in affiliate programs offered by the products I use, as my focus is all on my business and the products and services that I am trying to deliver. The Organic Prospects affiliate program was a good deal different, though, as it offered a value proposition that was almost impossible to ignore. All you have to do is a get a single person to sign up in order to have your daily leads doubled to 140. That means an extra 2000+ prospects per month, which is simply too big a number to be ignored. The beauty of this program is that you only need that single referral to make it insanely valuable.

There were other features of the program that jumped off the page at me, but it was the ones mentioned above that really made me want to invest.


Does Organic Prospects Deliver As Promised?

The answer here is yes and no, but the negative part is all down to what you do with the service provided by OP. We will get to that towards the end of this review, but first let’s take a look at what I received after joining, and how it worked for me.

I have a specific niche that I focus on, with a number of different products that I promote included in the mix. I also have a blog that I use to get sign-ups for my weekly newsletter. I am aware that not everyone buys right away from someone they don’t know, which is why I put the blog into action. I love writing content, so it’s a natural step for me. The Organic Mailer allows you to send a single message per 24 hour period, so I chose 7 different products to promote within my niche, one for each day, with the link to my blog also included in each ad.

One of the great things about the Organic Mailer is that it allows you to view clicks stats and other important information. What it showed was that my e-mails were being viewed by an average of over 20% of the recipients on a daily basis. The click-thru rate was astounding at 12%, with my personal sales and sign-up rate at around the 4-5% mark. I very easily made back my investment over the first 4 days, which allowed me the chance to tweak the ads that were not performing as well as the others. I realized that what Organic Prospects does is deliver the tools that you need to succeed, but that you also have to put in the effort to make it all actually work. This is where the word of warning comes into play.

Success Also Depends on Effort

What I have learned in my time with Organic Prospects is that the leads they deliver are indeed interested in buying. That said, I am also aware that the content that I deliver via the Organic Mailer is also crucial to my success. Simply blasting out an affiliate link to your prospects is not going to get you any sales or sign-ups. You have to have a solid product or affiliate program that will sell, and you have to make changes to the copy in order to keep making sure that your results get better and better.

If you have been in affiliate marketing for a while, and know how to craft a great e-mail, I have no doubt that the program will deliver excellent results. If, on the other hand, you believe that you can make a killing using OP without delivering some sort of value proposition, you might not get what you want out of this program.


P.S. Please be sure to read the reviews or leave a review if you have any experience with Organic Prospects!

Bryan Clarkson

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12 thoughts on “Organic Prospects is Huge Right Now – But Does it Live up to the Hype?

  1. Great review of Organic Prospects! It sounds like a great internet lead building program! How long have you been a member? How long will it take me to make some money from this program?

    Shelly H.


    • I can honestly say that Organic Prospects is an awesome online marketing program. The time it takes you to earn money and to succeed online by implementing the training really depends on “YOU.” It’s not “get rich quick” because they show you how to build a real internet business from the ground upwards that will generate long term results for you. It has taken me a long time to start succeeding online, and that’s working at a steady pace. I have known of other marketers who have replaced their entire income from their jobs within only 3 months of solid hard work.

      Your results will depend on the level of commitment you’re willing to invest in to your new online business. I hope this has answered your question, Shelly.



  2. Bryan,
    Great information on Organic Prospects. The fact that it is not fast and easy is true. If they come to OP and expect results immediately, I think that is what causes people to leave. When they realize that all the other fast money sites are a scam, they come back.


    • Yeah there are no quick fixes online Sean – if you want to earn you HAVE to work (and work hard). Cheers for stopping by and leaving your opinion on OP. Hopefully others will see it and make the right choice!


  3. I have read a few reviews about Organic Prospects and I must say this is one of the most detailed that I have read. I do like the fact that you have pointed out a couple of things that may not be to everyone’s liking. To me this tells me that this is a very honest and truthful review of Organic Prospects.


    • Hi Albert,
      I’m afraid no platform is perfect so there are always some drawbacks. Organic Prospects doesn’t have many but there are some! Still they are evolving all the time and in my book they are still the best lead provider out there by a mile. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your opinion. Glad you enjoyed the article and hope you learned more about Organic Prospects as a whole!


  4. Organic Prospects has been a game changer in my life. The education that I got being a member there has helped me to grow my own Social Media Hookup company and allowed me to create and manage our own website as well as have a much better understanding of the game as a whole. For anyone looking to make a change in their business growth, I would highly recommend Organic Prospects!


    • Hi Donald,
      Organic Prospects was also a complete game changer for me as well. I fumbled about online succumbing to the occasional typical scam offer for a few months before I came across OP. They handed me the ability to work at home and I’ve never looked back! Cheers for stopping by and letting my readers know about your Organic Prospects story – good luck with the Social Media business…sounds awesome!


  5. Hey Bryan,

    I have see a lot of reviews on Organic Prospects and you absolutely hit the nail on the head with every aspect of OP. Very well written my friend, very well written.

    I am apart of Organic Prospects and I have to say it has been the best experience I have had when having my own successful business online. I have tried many other lead/mailer companies and they don’t even come close to preparing you on how to make a decent living honestly through online marketing. The setup is amazing and so is tech support that’s available to you.

    OP gets 5 stars from me! God Bless!

    Gloria Martinez


    • Hi Gloria,

      It’s always nice to hear from other entrepreneurs that have learned their trade the same way I did way back in the day. Glad you had the opportunity to learn the RIGHT way and avoid the so-called gurus. Great to have you here – thanks for stopping by and leaving your opinion on Organic Prospects.
      Good luck with your marketing journey 🙂


  6. As a member of Organic Prospects, I can certainly agree with everything you’ve said. There are so many scams out there it can be hard to find the “jewels” I was lucky and found this lead generating service right at the start of my search looking for a passive income, thank goodness!

    You’ve written a solid comprehensive review, have you got links to any success stories with Organic Prospects? Always looking for helpful tips and tricks (how to write effective email copy, mailing time strategies and stuff like that)


    • Hi Virginia,

      There are plenty of success stories littered all over the web from Organic Prospects members, and they all have one thing in common – they know how to work hard!

      Organic Prospects is not worth anything to anyone who cannot get down and grind when needed. Hopefully the review I have given above highlights this fact because there is a LOT to learn and put into practice. If you are willing to work and work hard you will see success with the OP platform – period!

      Here is some quality information you can take a look at:


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